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WOW! Amazing! LOVE!

Wow! Amazing! Love!…these are a few of the most common words that ClickBump Owners use to describe their feelings for my products.

And since I released ClickBump Engine, SEO! and JumpStart!, to the WordPress world, I’ve being seeing those words often.

I’ve set a very high personal standard for customer support and product satisfaction and seek to overdeliver on expectations.

To exceed expectations to such a level that the words “Wow“, “Amazing” and “Love” are the common thread reaction tells me I’m doing something right.

(These are original, unedited testimonials, I’ve highlighted the words for emphasis)

Wow, I’m really, really impressed with your ClickBump Engine. Finally a script that loads easily

and works fantastic. I appreciate you my friend. Got my hours cut back on my job and this

wonderful engine will help supplement my income.

Thanks again Scott.

To your success,

Rick Davis

Wow. So far, I’m loving the additions. I was really itching for the ability to insert a line of text under the title (I’m the helpless paranoid type). And the Sitemap function!

I can’t believe I was missing out on all of this! This is great, Scott! Thank you. I was really starting to worry about the possibility of one day in the future wanting to expand sites. I want to stick with this theme, as I’m loving it more and more by the day. But I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to expand on sites when I find the true gems without making my header look ridiculous. Allowing for overflow posts in the sidebar = brilliant. – cowboyrob

Wow, this is awesome software. I purchased a few days ago, but I waited for this 3.x release and it looks very impressive. This is going to make my site building go so much faster.

Thanks again for your great work.




WOW! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! You just cracked the record for help from product developers…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to be accessed!

Thanks again!


Scott! I absolutely LOVE your stuff. Did a comparison between Socrates and your themes and you blew it away with speed of getting indexed and rising in ranking. I tested about 6 sites on each platform back before you had a particular area of Adsense placement I wanted to try. I got my Socrates refunded. :) Your sites hit page 1 in 3 days average. Same types of sites with similar competition took over 6 weeks with Socrates.. :)

Susan Snyder

You should get an Internet Marketers Nobel Prize.
Seriously. I think you’ve made a massive contribution. It’s truly a pleasure to correspond with someone out there is who is creating good products AND keeps the personal touch…. A rare and appreciated thing. Thank you.


Hi Scott

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for your help, below. When I sent you the original e-mail I was just about to leave home (Canary Islands) for a visit to my family in the UK and expected to have a reply from you on my return. I have to say that I was flabbergasted to receive a reply within just a few minutes. I implemented your suggestions and within a couple of minutes or so all my problems were sorted out.

I have never before experienced such great support and for that I am extremely grateful.

If you wish to use this e-mail as a testimonial please do so, I will also leave testimonials on your new forum when I get around to checking it out properly (I am sill catching up after my vacation!). as well as in WF.

Once again Scott, thankyou, as I believe you Americans would put it – “you & your products rock!


Hi again Scott,

I just wanted to say that your customer service and ongoing commitment to quality really helps you stand out from the crowd. Rest assured, I will continue to purchase your products. If you’re interested, I would love to JV with you on an Adsense WSO I’m doing in the next month or so, too.

Thanks a bunch,

I hate to admit it but the SEO plugin is doing fantastic!

I hate to admit it because I thought I was pretty good at on page SEO

I have had the SEO plugin for exactly 1 month and I am seeing steady TRAFFIC INCREASES ON MY BEST SITES.

I also use traffic travis to track my keywords and I am getting steady rankings gains on my keywords – hence the increased traffic. I can see the increase start within a few days of rewriting an article.

Some increases are dramatic with posts going from the 3rd page on google to the first page overnight.

Some are slow with single digit gains week after week.

These are not new sites so google is kind to them I do have it on one new site and am not seeing as fast of gains (posts are not jumping to the first page) but they are improving even on the new site.

Its not magic – I am going back thru each post and redoing it using the Clickbump SEO plugin and correcting the on page SEO. I do a few posts a night so it is going to be a long work in progress.

Are you doing affiliate sales yet? I would love to write an article on my success with the plugin for 2 of my blogs and sell the product.

It works great.

– Mark Williamson

Hi Scott, I really can’t describe how excited these last few days have been since purchasing your themes.

I have a junk site that I use to practice on before installing plugins and themes on my “good” sites. Well within a couple days of installing one of your themes on my test blog it started making over a dollar a day with adsense. I couldn’t belive it. Every site I own combined have never made this much money for me. You’re probably laughing about being so excited about a few bucks but I honestly feel like I won the lotto. After all the junk I’ve purchased online, I’ve finally found something that really works. Thank you so much. Jim

Originally Posted by chas08 :
Clickbumps themes make it so easy for even non tech people like me to implement xfactor’s site structure. And his patience and customer support is outstanding. So if you are WordPress person, do yourself a favor and at least check out Clickbumps themes. He also has great review site themes as well as adsense.

I second that recommendation, and would also recommend the ClickBump SEO! plugin. It’s perfect for finding themed LSI keywords like John recommends in the authority course. I have tried some some other solutions but nothing else compares to the speed and relevance of keywords returned by this plugin. – JohnS from Warrior Forum

Scott, thanks so much for your quick reply. I really like the category editing features that you have in this update. The CB engine is one of the best purchases I have made since I started working on line. Thanks for putting out such a great product.


Malcolm Felt

thanks yet again Scott for explaining it so well for me. Much appreciated. You certainly have all your bases covered with this theme, along with such great customer service. A winning combination for success :)
– Linda

Hey Scott!

Man, I gotta tell you…this CE3 and Jumpstart are absolutely awesome.

When I first used Jumpstart, I saw the advatage, but I was still wasting time editing and then having to create a new for each site. Today, I put up a site and just used the original files. I didn’t realize that Jumpstart filled in all the blanks for me…duh. Absolutely Awesome!

Thanks for continuing to produce great stuff!

– John A

I bought your WordPress theme for the XFactor method last night and got it working on one of my web sites in about 10 minutes.

Stunning. Brilliant! So much easier for me than messing around with XSitePro 2. I mean I am already making decent money from affiliate blogs and I’m quite used to WordPress from that experience, so this theme was and will be a real timesaver. I think I’ll actually start enjoying the writing part again now that I don’t have to “mess” with as much stuff.

Plus I have always loved the benefits of WordPress plugins like “Easy Privacy Policy”, “Contact Form 7″, and of course “Google XML Sitemap” and “All in One SEO” … makes for a VERY fast web site! And let’s face it, Google loves it.

Worth every cent I spent. – Jack M (um1001)

The template!!!! I love the template!!!! Man! it is so great to just toggle a few things and get right to work. I am no sissy when it comes to adjusting the code….it’s just that I have no idea what the heck I am doing. lol

If you want me to write up a professional testimonial, just let me know – I’d be glad to.

It is truly awesome and you are a true gem because you worked with me to get it working on a subdomain/subdirectory, which was new for the product at the time.

Talk soon!

Raleigh :)


I’ve gotten your ClickBump Engine this afternoon (my time). At $xx, it’s a bargain. I was expecting it to be higher.

Anyway, I put it to use on one web site and it worked straight out of the box. Since you provide everything with the theme, I uninstalled a couple of plugins which are redundant now. :-P -ykpmnac

Hey Scott,

Your templates are amazing, I’ll time one from “CPanel to content ready” for you tomorrow and right you up a testimonial. I’m projecting 35 minutes, we’ll see. My first two were stop/start but I have it down now. I’m going to write it down so my wife can be loading them up while I write. – lancerbear

i’ve already finished setting up my site. Took me about 15 mins! How quick was that! – msoon77

You’re the bomb, Scott. No wonder I haven’t caught you on the forum the past few days! – kymom


Thank you for this Scott!

I tinkered for HOURS to try and get a WP template for a MNWebsite site. Now I get it handed to me for only xx (still alot of money to me though). I sure needed this and the ease of making websites will allow me to continue and actually make money for ONCE :)

I am sooo pumped up now.

Thanks, jimfrr

Scott- That template is amazing, it must cut down the amount of time spent on building these sites by at least 60% for me! much appreciated. – ej2009


Well done! Clean code and refreshingly fun and straightforward interface.

Seriously Scott, nice work! – digitaltracker

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to say thank you a million times over for all you do. You have been the difference in me being able to do this with all your patient explanations….if you are not already a Father, you’ll be a great one!

I really appreciate the energy and thoughtfulness you put in everything.



Your theme/automation is great! The first site I put up on Saturday night and when I woke up on Sunday it was sitting at #5! Not bad at all.

Like I said, I just got on the forum and your thread and information is fantastic! As many have said, it is inspirational and quite generous. I do sincerely appreciate it, and hope that while this $xx is a small payment, that I’ll be able to pay you back many times over in ‘karma’ with stories of success. – MexiKen

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the superb support!

You make me feel secure with the template.

I never regretted buying from you.

Thanks heaps, razorblade

Hey Scott,

Thanks so much for the reply and details! I can’t wait to start using the template. I love working with wordpress and your template for John’s course just made it ten times better! Thanks again! – daver

Hi Scott

I purchased the ClickBump WP themes two days ago – i just wanted to say how pleased i am with the way they function – simply spectacular!! I only appreciate it because i have spent countless hours in the past fiddling with other theme setting manually .. – kaka

Hi Scott, I don’t know if you remember that I asked about your themes a month or so ago and didn’t buy them. I had a change of heart a few days ago and bought, even though it cost me an extra $10 to do so! I’m not sorry though. Very impressed and thanks! – Vince

I’ve just bought your CE v2, and I must say I’m impressed. At first I was sceptical about this whole thing, but now I must say I’m completely satisfied.

Everything, from the download of CE v2 to the installation went smoothly. Well, except for one problem I had. Luckily, that problem was there just to prove how fast support really is. I received a detailed answer with screenshots and useful tips (that I didn’t even ask for) almost immediately after asking for help.

Whole Clickbump Engine v2 is simply amazing. Every function is there for a reason. Everything was made to save me a lot of time. This investment was worth every cent.

It’s so easy to change the theme color (sidebar or header), to add/remove sidebar link unit, to change themes, add photos… And it comes with really good step by step tutorial.

In short, everything is only one click away. This was definitely my best buy and it will fit my Adsense micro niche project perfectly.

I purchased the clickbump engine version 3 about a week ago.

I was really excited to get it thinking that it would allow me to make web sites really quickly.

After I got it I was a bit disappointed due to the fact, that it took me 3 hours to make my first site.

I contacted Scott and told him of my disappointment. He explained to me some key steps I was missing and from then it’s been a breeze. Scott has been really responsive to my questions and I’ve actually made 15 niche sites since getting the software. I even purchased the jumpstart and that is incredible.

Literally, my sites are now done in about 3 minutes, all I have to do is go in and tweak a couple of things. The fact that you can choose multiple templates on the fly is good when you are trying to see what is more pleasing to the eye. Scott has emailed me various CSS codes and has really helped me with any questions that I had. If you are skeptical about this product don’t be! Make sure to buy both the clickbump engine and the jumpstart. They work wonderfully together!

– Tracy McLaughlin

Thanks Scott, I must say I am impressed with the way my CTR has improved since ditching the superadsense theme and using your and John’s xfactor theme, the CTR has doubled. Thanks for releasing such a user friendly theme that converts brilliantly.

Best wishes


Scott – this is awesome! I love it. I’ve found NO problems with your “AdSense” themes, except maybe XFactor – although even that works when you change the colors a bit.

Keep it up, love the themes. 2011 has some CB upgrades for me in store. :)
– JamesTheJust

Hi Scott, I’m loving the css structure you have created! Your sites remind me of simple html fast loading mofo’s


Thanks for all you do. I’m extremely happy with all your products.

Take care and Merry Christmas.

Rick Davis


I recently purchased your product and so far I love it!


Derek Smith

> Morris, did you mean to hit unsubscribe?
No, definitely not. How do I get back on your list.

As a matter of fact, lately I have been trying to tell myself if I was smart I would probably unsubscribe from everyone except you.

Many Thanks,

Scott, I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of contacting you directly before, so I’ll go ahead and thank/congratulate you on a great product. I LOVE you ClickBump engine; it sure makes WordPress a lot less of a headache for me.
– Stephen

First of all: I am thinking why I did not stumble across your ClickBump WP Adsense Site Engine before.
I think I wasted lot of time and money buying and using other ”not-so-useful” adsense site building systems.

– Rajul Kaushik

Hi, I’m happy with your clickbump product — very happy, actually. Personally, I think that you should charge more, considering it’s TWELVE awesome themes, customizable…and that Socrates for WP (Joel Comm’s I think) and Thematic cost a bit more for ONE theme.

Going to spread the love when I begin blogging about my online marketing progress, haven’t yet began that. I did find you at Mike Iser — a fellow commenter mentioned you a few times.

Thanks again for an AMAZING product!

–James M Hussey