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Man, I gotta tell you…this ClickBump and Jumpstart are absolutely awesome. Today, I put up a site and just used the original files.  I didn’t realize that Jumpstart filled in all the blanks for me…duh.  Absolutely Awesome! Thanks for continuing to produce great stuff! – John

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If you want the absolute fastest way to build full functional, search friendly, ad-enabled site in WordPress. Sites that include graphical slider widgets, flyout menus and are social media enabled right out of the box, with zero plugins, I’ve got a really cool WordPress application that will rock your world..

When I first started building these sites, I realized that I was doing the same things over and over again to setup each new site. So I created a plugin that works in tandem with ClickBump Engine to make site setups super fast.

I call it ClickBump Express with JumpStart Pro and I’ve just rewrote it to Rock WordPress!

I originally created WordPress JumpStart as a personal project to help me automate the various manual processes I have to do for every site I launch. Things like creating my Privacy Policy page, About Us and Contact Us, setting up my site theme and configuring site defaults. I found myself repeating the same exact routine over and over again with each new site I’d create. I reasoned there had to be a better way. I searched around for a tool that would help me automated all these redundant and time intensive tasks and I came up empty.

I then set out to create my own solution. And what was so very cool and so vital to my process is that once I did it, I could not imagine building a site without it. Now that I’ve completely rewritten it from the ground up, it does even more, including installing all of your plugins, widgets, favorite site settings.

It even installs, configures and activates, the ClickBump WordPress theme, complete with the new “Amaze” premium template, ready to roll.

When I clicked “Activate” for the first time and then took a look at my site and saw everything there, all my posts and pages and menus and settings, exactly like I would have I created it by hand (though it took my hand all of 2 seconds to reach for the mouse and click the “Activate JumpStart Pro” button), I knew others would absolutely love this neat little tool I’d created.

With One Click Your Site is Launched, 99% Complete: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, SEO Settings, Webmaster Verification Code, Analytics Code, Adsense Code, Affiliate Code, DONE.

It even takes care of the WordPress default pages and blogroll links and that pesky Mr WordPress Default Comment!

Not only does it create all of your default pages, inserts all of your preferred blog and site settings, etc, It even removes those pesky default pages (About and Sample Page) that every WordPress site comes with. All the stuff that I really hate to do because its the exact same for every site I create. Its all done in one click with JumpStart Pro. And, JumpStart Pro has been tested with the latest versions of WordPress, and is constantly updated to stay abreast of the latest WordPress changes.

Here’s a few of many unsolicited email comments that fellow JumpStarters have sent me…

Wow, that was it?
So I’m pretty much a noob and have only created 4 total wp sites in the last month. All took many hours of tweaking, deleting the original wp stuff, and pouring over articles and what not. Not to mention I have tried 10+ free themes before finally getting The clickbump bundle.

Well last night I just installed the engine on one of my more setup/robust sites and it was a breeze, not to mention it made the thing look leaps and bounds more professional than before with the free theme.

Now I just made a 5th site tonight, loaded up the jumpstart pro to my plugins folder via my FTP file transfer and all I can say is WOW! My site just went from “hello world” to “out of this world” in under 2 minutes including the file transfer.

I’m sure I have some tweaking and whatnot to do but holy cow man, that was too easy, too easy for sure.

Thank you thank you thank you!


This thing just keeps getting better and better.

Showed one of my websites to a relative who wanted to know more about what I did when I said I am an ‘information publisher’. They saw my sight and wanted the name of my designer! When I showed them that every one of my sites was really 6 or more ‘designs’ that I could change at the click of a button, they were blown away! And then I told them that with Jumpstart, I could have the site registered, uploaded and ‘up & running’ in less time than it took me to write the 700 word content…including pictures! Their business is not really conducive to Clickbump but I may have a recruit into the Xfactor-CB family soon

-Jeff Runyon

Scott has been really responsive to my questions and I’ve actually made 15 niche sites since getting the software. I even purchased the jumpstart and that is incredible.

Literally, my sites are now done in about 3 minutes, all I have to do is go in and tweak a couple of things.

The fact that you can choose multiple templates on the fly is good when you are trying to see what is more pleasing to the eye. Scott has emailed me various CSS codes and has really helped me with any questions that I had.

If you are skeptical about this product don’t be! Make sure to buy both the clickbump engine and the jumpstart. They work wonderfully together!

– Tracy McLaughlin

Pretty Amazing.It literally takes about 2-3 minutes to create a site.
Scott has made this about as simple as it can be and it will save you a ton of time. I personally endorse this after one use.
It is that fast and it is that easy.
Great work Scott.
– Timbo

I bought jumpstart and found it halved the time to set up a site and halved the boredom too. For example I timed my self setting up a site from scratch.

Blank site but dns good to go.

login to cpanel

setup email address for contact us page

install word press

install click bump theme

install jumpstart plugin

run jumpstart

adsense pub id code added automatically

post added and stuck

contact us page with basic info created

about us page with basic info created

privacy page with complete form filled out

Quick check and manual add of email address in the contact us page.

Took 5 minutes. Was 10 minutes before jump start. Time includes checking everything is working correctly. You could realistically do 10 sites an hour with jump start. It also made it a nicer experience not having to do every step. I found I could do 2 to 3 times as many sites before having a break.

– Arcangel

What “ClickBump 6 with JumpStart Pro” Does
ClickBump JumpStart Pro is a remarkable WordPress plugin that integrates with ClickBump Engine to allow you to rapidly deploy fully functional websites in seconds with one click. It allows you to pre-populate your site’s settings, default pages and posts, Adsense code settings, and more in just one click (vs having to do it manually via theme options) The time savings from the automated page creation routine alone, is a huge boost to your productivity.

For example, with one click to activate this plugin, your site’s default product post, “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy” and “Earning’s Disclaimer pages are all created for you.

What’s more, Express with JumpStart Pro will “spin” your content based on your own custom word replacement tags and clusters.

JumpStart will even insert your Site’s name, URL and admin email into your pages, saving you even more time and automatically ensuring you start off with unique content.

Once you click the button to Activate the JumpStart Pro Plugin, all you have to do is add your images and enter your main post content and you are ready to start generating clicks. And if you are using ClickBump Engine, you know that adding product images is a snap with its tight integration with the batch image upload feature in Media Manager.

It even gives you the option to let it remove the default “About” and “Hello World” pages that WordPress creates. How’s that for convenience! The site is all set and ready to go start earning and you can move on to the next one.

You can literally have a fully functional site up and running, with Adsense onboard, your chosen ClickBump Engine WordPress xhtml/css template in place, all your menus populated and more, in under two minutes.

Your Purchase of ClickBump Express with JumpStart Pro comes with a full 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Order ClickBump JumpStart TODAY, and if within 60 days you are not completely satisfied, simply email me and I we will gladly refund your money!

Once you order, the product will be instantly available for download on your ClickBump Member’s Dashboard. You will receive full instructions immediately

Regular Price: $97 Limited Time Only: $57

As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be prompted to download your files.

In a few seconds, you will receive an email containing your very own username and password for INSTANT ACCESS to the member’s dashboard (if you are already a member you’ll just login to find your newly unlocked software), where you can obtain the latest versions of everything you’ve purchased.

You can start using JumpStart Pro today on your own sites instantly!

Here’s to your wordpress niche site success,

Scott Blanchard (aka ClickBump)

*Your purchase comes with lifetime product support and a full 6 months of free upgrades at no extra charge and you own the software forever to use on an unlimited number of sites that you own pursuant to the terms of use and license agreement.